Why We Do It

For the GOod of the bluegrass

ZKB exists for the good of the Bluegrass. We accomplish this vision by providing high-quality and aesthetically pleasing concrete and lawn care services; both commercially and residentially. Our aim is to treat our team, clientele, contractors and suppliers with dignity and respect for the sake of contributing to the overall flourishing of everyone we meet. 

For the good of Kentucky

ZKB exists for the good of Kentucky by serving and partnering with local and global businesses that have a desire to create order and beauty within Kentucky and the surrounding states.    

For every Generation

Career Opportunities: ZKB is an excellent business to begin or further your career. From organization leadership and business communications; to learning a skill within the arenas of concrete specialties or lawn care maintencance, ZKB is an excellent place to develop a trade and explore a career in business. 

Apprenticeship Program: If you are a veteran, refugee, retired and looking for a second career path, or have hit hard times and are searching for an environment to help you get back up on your feet; ZKB desires to be a cultural broker of sorts by creating a rigid, yet safe space for anyone desiring to contribute those who call Kentucky their home. Click here, if you are interested investigating our apprenticeship program.  

Internship Program: Our internship program has been strategically crafted for the senior high school student or the college student who desires to learn a new trade, specifically as it relates to concrete service and lawn care maintenance. Click here, if you are interested investigating our internship program.